Advanced Integrative Therapy

Cynthia Bowling is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 35 years experience as a therapist working with adults, children, adolescents, families and couples.

She is the only therapist in Kentucky who is a Certified Practitioner in Advanced Integrative Therapy, developed by Asha Clinton, PhD.

Advanced Integrative Therapy, or AIT, is a dynamic and new in-depth energy psychology that begins from the premise that ALL upsetting events are traumas and are lodged within the body, mind and spirit.  Talking gives us insight into our issues, but does too little to remove them.  AIT removes the energy within us that is made up of our particular responses to the incidents and patterns that hurt or upset us throughout our lives.  The healing is complete, more gentle and permanent.

AIT integrates the best established and proven therapies and then adds a new body-based element which simply and gently addresses and clears those aspects of the issue that are stored in the body.  In this way, the issue gets completely resolved!